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Analog Servos

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Analog Servos for RC Models

ABC-RC offers a variety of analogue servos for RC models. These lightweight and durable components are ideal for both recreational and high-performance modeling applications. Our offer includes servos with different technical parameters, allowing precise control of the RC model. In addition to analog servers, we also offer digital servos and servo accessories.

Everything you should know about analog servos for RC models

Advanced technologies such as analog servos, are an integral part of RC modeling. At the ABC-RC online store, we offer a wide selection of these essential components, tailored for a variety of applications, both recreational and high-performance.

The use of analog servos in RC modeling

Analog servos are key components in RC models, allowing precise control of various parts of the model, such as wings, rudder and wheels. Thanks to them, the RC model operator has full control over the model's movements, which is especially important in high-performance models, where control precision is crucial.

Division of analogue servers

Our offer includes analog servos with different technical parameters, so every modeler will find a product perfectly suited to his needs with us. The division of analog servers includes servos of different power, speed or dimensions, and differing in the type of power supply.

How to choose the right analog servo?

Choosing the right analog servo depends on many factors, such as the type of RC model, its size, as well as the modeler's expectations. It is worth paying attention to such parameters as the power of the servo, the speed of its operation, as well as its dimensions and the way it is powered. All this information is available in the technical specifications of each of our products.

Advantages of using analogue servos

The choice of analog servos is primarily a guarantee of precise control of the RC model. Thanks to them, the modeler has full control over the movements of the model, which is especially important in high-performance models. In addition, analog servos are lightweight and durable, which translates into long life and reliability of these components.

Technical construction of analog servers

An analog servo consists of a motor, gearbox, potentiometer and control circuit. It works on the principle of receiving a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal from the receiver, which is then converted into motor movement. It is worth noting that analog servos differ from digital servos in the way they process the PWM signal, which translates into differences in their performance.

In addition to analog servos, our offer includes digital servos and servo accessories, which enable even more precise control and are ideal for the most demanding modelers.