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Digital Servos

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Digital Servers at ABC-RC.en

Looking for modeling servo of solid construction and strong drive? offers a wide selection of digital servos with metal gears. Ideal for building various RC models, including aircraft.

You will also find analog servos and a wide assortment of other modeling parts. Choose digital servo with parameters tailored to your needs and construct your own RC model.

Digital Servers at - your trusted supplier of modeling components

In the ABC-RC online we offer a wide range of digital servos - irreplaceable components that are the heart of every RC model. Whether you're building a model airplane, car or boat, our digital servos provide you with precise control and reliability.

Diversity of Digital Servers

Our offer includes servos with different parameters, so you can choose a model perfectly suited to your project. We offer digital servos with different pressure force and speed. Our product range includes both low, medium and high torque servos.

Division of servos

Servos are divided into analog and digital ones. Digital servos are characterized by greater precision, speed and power. With a microprocessor that reads the input signal and controls the motor, digital servos are ideal for applications that require heavy loads and precise control.

Application of digital servers

Digital servos are used in a variety of RC models - from airplanes to cars to boats. Thanks to their precision and power, they are especially recommended for models that require precise control, such as RC helicopters and aerobatic aircraft.

How to choose a digital servo?

Choosing the right digital servo depends on a number of factors, such as the type of model, its size and weight, as well as its application. It is important that the servo has the right power, but also that it is the right size and weight. In our store you will find detailed descriptions and technical specifications of each servo, which will help you make the right choice.

Advantages of digital servers

Digital servos are characterized by high precision, speed and power. Thanks to the use of a microprocessor, the digital servos are able to read the input signal with high precision, which translates into precise control of the model. In addition, digital servos are highly resistant to interference, which is especially important in RC modeling.

Construction of digital servos

Digital servo consists of several basic components: motor, microprocessor, gears and housing. The motor is the heart of the servo - it generates the force needed to move the model. Microprocessor reads the input signal and controls the motor. Gears transmit motion from the motor to the servo axis. The case protects all these elements from damage.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer digital servers and choose a model perfectly suited to your needs. AT we always provide expert advice and assistance in choosing the right equipment.