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Lamps for Photography

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Professional photographic lighting at ABC-RC.en offers photographic lamps high quality, providing excellent light diffusion. The range includes various types of lighting, including ring lights and softbox diffusers. All our products come from proven manufacturers and meet high technical standards. We invite you to take a look at the offer!

Professional photographic lighting at ABC-RC.en is the place where you will find photographic lamps of the highest quality, which guarantee perfect light dispersion. Our product range includes various types of lighting, including ring lights i softbox diffusers. All our products come from reputable manufacturers and meet the highest technical standards. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

Application of photographic lamps

Lamps for photography, otherwise known as studio lights or photographic lighting, are an indispensable part of any professional photographic kit. They are used to illuminate a model or a scene, which allows you to get perfect quality photos. Photo lights allow you to control light conditions so that the photographer can focus on the creative process.

Division of photographic lamps

Photographic lamps are divided into several types. Among the most popular are flashes, which emit a short, intense pulse of light, and continuous lamps, which emit constant light. The choice between the two types depends on the individual preferences of the photographer and the type of photography he takes. Another type is ring lights, which produce even, extremely soft light, ideal for portrait and macro photography.

Selection of photographic lamps

Choosing the right photo lamp depends on several factors. First of all, you should pay attention to light output, which the lamp is capable of generating. Other important parameters are color temperature and color reproduction index (CRI). It is also worth noting type of power supply - some lamps run on batteries, others require a mains connection.

Advantages of using photographic lamps

The use of photographic lamps has many advantages. First of all, they allow control over light conditions, which is key to getting good quality photos. Photographic lights also allow for manipulation of light, which opens up a lot of creative possibilities for the photographer. In addition, with the use of photographic lamps, the photos are more professional and have better quality.

Technical construction of photographic lamps

A photographic lamp consists of several components. The most important is light source, which generates light. In flash, it is the flash, in continuous lights - the bulb or LED. Another important element is housing, which protects the light source and allows the installation of various accessories, such as diffusers whether umbrellas. Many photographic lamps are also equipped with tripod, which allows stable positioning of the lamp.

Take a look at our range and choose the perfect photo lamp for your kit!