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Model wheels

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Model wheels

Are you passionate about rc modeling? In our ABC-RC store we offer a wide selection of model wheels ideal for different models. We offer both rc wheels, as well as rc wheels - everything you need for your model.

Rc foam wheels

For rc models we recommend rc foam wheels. They are lightweight yet durable, which translates into excellent model performance. We invite you to shop in our model store.

Model wheels - essential components for any RC model

If you are a fan of RC modeling, you certainly realize the importance of model wheels. They determine the model's handling, speed and stability. At the ABC-RC store, we offer a wide selection of model wheels that are ideal for a variety of models, from cars to boats to airplanes.

Division of model wheels

Model wheels are divided into several types, depending on their purpose. We offer both rc wheels,rc wheels, as well as rc foam wheels. Each of these types has its own unique characteristics and applications that make them ideal for specific models.

  • RC wheels - these are standard wheels that are used on most models. They are characterized by good grip and stability.
  • RC wheels - are smaller and lighter than RC wheels, making them ideal for models that require more speed and agility.
  • RC foam wheels - are lightweight and durable, resulting in excellent model performance. They are ideal for models that require shock absorption, such as aircraft and drones.

How to choose the right model wheels?

Selecting the right model wheels is key to the model's performance. First of all, pay attention to their size - they must fit the model with which they are to be used. In addition, the material from which they are made is also important - RC foam wheels are lightweight and durable, which makes them ideal for models that require shock absorption.

Advantages of using model wheels

Use of model wheels has many advantages. First of all, they improve the model's handling and stability, which translates into better performance. In addition, they make the model more realistic, which is especially important for RC model enthusiasts.

Technical construction of model wheels

Model wheels consist of several elements. The most important of these are the tire, rim and hub. The tire is responsible for traction on the ground, the rim provides stability, and the hub allows the wheel to rotate. All these elements together form a model wheel, which is essential for any RC model.

In our model store you will find a wide selection of model wheels. We invite you to shop!